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    For our Club to be a safe and comfortable place, there are rules that must be met by all members. Any violation of the following rules is considered a very serious breach and will be grounds for immediate expulsion. 1. You can't be part of a game started by others if they don't want to. 2. You can use the sling even if you are alone, but if others ask you to leave because they need it and there is no other free, you will have to go down. 3. No disrespectful attitude towards others is allowed. 4. The use of mobile phones, smartphones, film cameras or photographic cameras is not allowed. 5. The practice of escat, blood or extreme pain is not allowed. 6. Sex is not allowed in the bathrooms. 7. The sale or consumption of any type of drugs or narcotic drugs is not allowed. 8. Our main rule is RESPECT towards all. 9. You are not required to do anything you do not want. 10. Please wear boots or sneakers. Barefoot or flip flops / sandals are prohibited.
    The ticket price includes 1 long drink or two soft drinks or beers. MEMBERS OF 3 MONTHS / 1 YEAR BENEFIT FROM THE RIGHT OF ENTRY TO € 8 PARTNERS FOR 1 DAY PAY € 25.00 Because we are a PRIVATE CLUB, all who come have to become a member, for 1 day, 3 months or 1 year. The ticket price is from € 8 + fee price (this does not include special parties). When you come for the first time, you will have to fill in this document or bring your identity document. We are a private club and all the kids who visit it are required to register and become a member, for a 1 day 25€ 1 Week 70€ 3 months 700€ 1 year 2500€ As a member of our club you have to give your agreement to enter an environment with adult themes, where the rules must be respected at all times and admit that it is a private club. We want to share with you an extraordinary experience where you and everyone else will be free to experience all their pleasures and desires. Of course, we insist that this is done with respect for your guests. Only adults of legal age can enter. Upon entering we will ask for your membership card or number. If you visit us for the first time, you will have to register on the web before. Being a partner is mandatory. If you only want to come once, you can also become a member for one day. The ticket price includes a welcome drink. We do not accept checks, all payments must be in cash or by credit / debit card.
    You choose whether you want to use condoms or not, each one is responsible for himself, however for that you have free condoms and lubricant. In our Club we prioritize the cleanliness and hygiene of the facilities. Please keep them as you would like to find them.
    Leave your belongings in the bag that we will give you at the reception, and carry only what you need ... refer to our dress code. You do not need to take your wallet with you, we will point your additional drinks with your bracelet and you will pay them when you leave. We also ask you to leave your cell phone, smartphone or cameras at the reception. Noxon is not responsible for any kind of theft or loss of your personal items. After dressing again, we will check your bracelet and, if necessary, we will charge you for your additional drinks.
  • rejected members
    We filter the people who can access in order to maintain a safe and disinhibited environment. We are sorry but not everyone is accepted
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