SUNDAY, 14th NOV - 17:00H  




Meat market is the classic mares and stallions market that now comes exclusively to NOXON. All participants must be registered and will be previously selected by our team. At the day of the party , bottoms must arrive 1h earlier than tops. At entrance the fee will be paid, (10€ with a drink or two soft drinks or beers). Bottoms will have access from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Tops from 7:30 p.m. to 7:50 p.m. PARTY START AT 8:00 p.m Bottoms will previously not have any visible contact with tops. Bottoms can only choose what type of hood they wear: red for bareback breeding or white for safe sex. Then bottoms will be put on their hood, and placed in the fucking area, being ready to be served by fuckers. A bottom must be available for any top which chooses him. Bottoms do not have the right to refuse a top. Any time the bottom needs a break he will notify one of the guards and be taken to an area prepared for them. At no time may the hood be removed, except when taking a break. From the moment the party begins, NOBODY WILL ACCESS the premises and it will be an event behind closed doors. We have condoms and lube available.


To join our meat market party you must register by clicking here. Fill in all the data and attach a face photo. We will select both bottoms and tops very carefully for a perfect mixture of attendants and thus for maximum fun for all participants. Once selected we will send an informative email a few days before the event. Please show your confirmation email at entrance. To avoid the non-attendance of of participants, we request a telephone number to confirm the attendance one day before the party. Please provide a valid phone number to communicate with you via whatsapp or telegram.


In order to fully experience the thrill of meat market party, we expect all participants to comply with our following rules of the MEAT MARKET. To guarantee the quality of stallions and provided mares and in the interest of all, we carefully select attendants at registration to get a suitable mix of people to create an unforgettable sexual experience. We reserve the right to refuse entry to unsuitable people or those heavily under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We expect from all participants: upon entering the premises of MEAT MARKET, you have read and fully agree to follow and accept all of these rules. Any breach will lead to an immediate disqualification and expulsion from the party. 1. The bottoms arrive at noxon approximately 60 minutes before the tops arrive. Details of separate entrance times are announced for each party. Please notice, that once coming to the separate entrance door times for bottoms/tops, it is not possible during the course of the evening to change roles from bottoms to tops or vice versa. If not obeying this rule/law or any of these rules/laws, you will be asked to leave immediately. 2. The bottoms have to undress completely and hand in their entire clothing at the cloakroom. Only shoes are compulsory. Socks, cock-rings and/or harness may be kept on. Barefoot, flip flops, chaps, jockstraps, or any kind of women´s lingery is not allowed either. 3. Once the bottoms are naked and on spot, cotton hoods (used as blindfolds) are pulled over their heads to ensure that the tops go unrecognized the entire evening. 4. They are distributed throughout the beds of noxon, where they are kneeling or positioned on all fours. 5. During the entire course of the evening, the staff of noxon helpers attends to the needs of the bottoms, bringing drinks, providing condoms and lube, or taking them to the rest rooms or relax area, etc…. 6. The tops are only allowed entrance into the bottoms area once all bottoms are prepared and in starting position. 7. The tops move around the playroom freely. They can have something to drink at the bar, inspect the quality of the bottoms by feeling their bodies, touching their cocks and asses, etc.. or can take a pick of their own and fuck. 8. A bottom cannot refuse a top, must always surrender to him and let himself be fucked to the top´s wishes and extent. If the bottom wears a white hood, the rules of safer sex MUST BE RESPECTED. Wearing a red hood, the bottom signalizes to be open for bareback sex, but that will NOT mean, that he has the right to refuse safer sex fucking. Any top can decide to practice only safer if he wants to. Last but not least, the MEAT MARKET is not an S/M-Party, nor a slave market. Nobody should be forced to do anything against his own will, except to allow to be fucked –which is the primary law/rule of the MEAT MARKET. Under no circumstances, nor at any time is the bottoms hoods to be removed! It is forbidden for the bottoms to see or to even risk a peek. No exceptions made! A breach in this law leads to an immediate disqualification and expulsion from the party, possibly from further parties as well. 9. After use, the bottom is then free to be fucked by other tops. 10. Should a bottom require anything (e.g. drinks) or need to have a break, he calls for a staff helper to be assisted. Needing a break, the bottom is taken to a side room, where he can relax. 11. Once the bottoms has been fucked extensively and the tops no longer have any use for them, all tops leave the stable stalls of the MEAT MARKET. Only once the last top has gone, the bottoms’ hoods are to be removed, so they can get dressed and leave. If a bottom wishes to leave the party earlier, a staff helper takes him, still blindfolded to the dressing-room to get dressed. The bottom then leaves the meat market blindfolded, again, without coming into any visual contact with any of the tops and/or the eventful happenings of the market. 12. Any violation of any of these rules/laws of the MEAT MARKET (as well as making phone calls, taking photograph pictures, making sound or video recordings, removing the mares’ blindfolds) will not only be tolerated and definitely leads to an immediate disqualification and expulsion from the party, possibly from further parties. We appeal to your sense of fair play, to all participants for your understanding, for your abiding by all these set rules/laws of the MEAT MARKET, most important of all, we appeal to all participants for your mutual respect and fairness towards one another. Again: Upon entering the premises of the MEAT MARKET, you consentaneously agree, i.e. you give your non-exceptional full consent to all of these set rules/laws. If you cannot agree to any of these rules and laws of the party, then this is not a party for you. Please do not come and waste your time and money. Do understand, we do not want to become another boring, naked (sex) party where nothing happens apart in the darkest corner of the darkest darkroom. You know of the sort of parties we mean. Last but by no means least: We specifically emphasize that in the case of infringement of the safer sex rules (or should any severe bodily harm of any sort occur), we will press criminal charges and insist upon the further pursuit of the matter in a court of law. In clear and plain English: when it comes down to safety, we mean serious business. 13. We cannot take any liability for physical, mental, emotional or other damages to health. We also accept no liability for material or financial losses of any sort, none at all. 14. MEAT MARKET has an approximate duration of 2h. After that time it will be announced that the party is over and the bar will be open for the rest of the clients. MEAT MARKET attendees can stay (bottoms) or re-enter (tops) enjoying the night if they wish.


PRICE : Entry 10€ - INCLUDES 1 long drink or 2 soft drinks / beers or 15€ including FREE DRAFT BEER DATE/TIME: Thursday March, 19th Bottoms will have access from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Tops from 7:30 p.m. to 7:50 p.m. PARTY START AT 8:00 p. DRESSCODE: NAKED REGISTRATION HERE