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Created in 2019, BREED is the FIRST big BAREBACK party in Maspalomas.

A night full of hot men with few limits, who seek to unleash their dirtiest perversions.

It is our most popular party and takes place once a month

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Every month: Next one


27th jan - 19h



CC. Yumbo Centre. Maspalomas

Avenida de Estados Unidos 54 level 2


Entry 10€ 

INCLUDING: 1 long drink or

2 beers or 2 soft drinks


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COVID-19 restrictions

Mandatory Covid certificated to show in the entry.

Wear a mask.

We provide disinfectant alcohol, gloves and mask for free.

Restricted capacity compliant to general safety rules of COVID-19 standards. 

Entry up to maximum capacity. We recommend to come early.

Recommendations before attending the BREED BAREBACK party

  • You are participating in the BREED BAREBACK party voluntarily and in full knowledge of the organizations' purpose. 

  • Be respectful to other attendees

  • For your and all attendees’ safety it is mandatory you wear shoes of any kind (sneakers, boots… NEVER FLIP FLOPS, SANDALS OR BAREFOOT)

  • Neither showers, nor towel service are available. (We suggest you bring a damp wash cloth or wet wipes). But we have enough disposal paper tissue.

  • No dirty play! ... No scat!

  • This is not a party for shy people. But you will never be forced to do anything you don't want to. Just enjoy!