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NOXON ESTUDIO, was born in 2020 from the idea of offering a unique and 100% equipped playroom for recording XXX videos and photographs.

An all-in-one in which you can make plans of up to 360º due to its versatility and design.


Located in the Yumbo shopping center in Maspalomas, NOXON opened its doors as a sex bar in 2019. Little by little we improved and reorganized our playroom to make it the hot and uninhibited space that it is now.

NOXON is the only fetish space in Maspalomas, thus becoming a unique place for making all kinds of erotic-style videos and photographs.

More than 20 movies have already been shot in our playroom, proving that it is a perfect space for porn productions.

Some of the actors used our playroom in which there have been filmed several porn movies:

Teddy Torres ,Ale Tedesco ,Rick Kelson, XL Top London, Paul McNulty, ItalianXlff, Phil and Dickie James, Pablo y Sebas,

Leo Bulgari and many more


  • 200m2

  • 3 slings

  • Orgy beds

  • Glory Hole

  • Piss area

  • Cross bondage

  • Scaffold

  • Bar Area

62D89D64-C246-4DC3-AE1E-30A03E36CC7D_1_201_a copia.jpg


  • 5 white light window spotlights

  • 4 multicolored led spotlights

  • Tripods

  • Monopod

  • Chroma green screen

  • Light reflectors

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